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Ladies and gent, I have to report this. Lately a sponsor, specializing in High quality hGH  has surfaced within our bodybuilding and fitness community. While lately many GH suppliers are often fake, or scammer. These guys have taken the ultimate risk, by having and urging members to Blood Test their Riptropins, which by the way match the official suppliers serial number database. I must say, the results have been amazing.

Not onlt is this outfit DOMESTIC! but the results have been the highest I have seen in quite some time. I am in no way affiliated with this outfit, but I fee inclined to share how amazing this is, not only to our community, but to all those tiered of using fake Growth Hormone, under dosed, or Counterfeit. This stuff is the REAL DEAL!


Bellow are 3 Blood Test by 3 very respected members, and more are on the way. These results speak for themselves. Not only do they carry legit Riptropin, but also Kefie, and Hygetropin!


First Being by HeavyIron – One of the most respected member in our online fitness and bodybuilding community.

Quote Originally Posted by heavyiron View Post

10 iu Riptropin rHGH was injected IM in the left deltoid. The blood draw was 3 hours and 24 minutes post injection.

Riptropin Growth hormone, serum result was 25.2 ng/mL
As a comparison 10 iu USA pharmacy Tev-Tropin result was 19.7 ng/mLObviously the Riptropin is genuine and properly dosed rHGH.I’m very happy with these results and recommend Riptropin rHGH. I don’t recall ever having a better result using this protocol.Quote Originally Posted by heavyiron View Post
Buy Riptropin Serum Test
The next was performed by s2h – A highly regarded Prep Coach, and Veteran within our community.
The third was done me OldSchoolLifter – A veteran myself, with a passion for research, and exposing what is real and what is not, and sharing my finding with you with a truly unbiased opinion.
Quote Originally Posted by OldSchoolLifter View Post

Sorry I am so late with the results,I kinda botch the test, I was scheduled to run the test right after work, so I brought it with me and planned to dose it 3.5 hours before the labs were to be drawn, A few things had come up and I ended up making the test at around 4 hours 30 minutes. Even so the results proved impressive.Serum result came back at 23.9

I can imagine if I made the test in time that number would be significantly different. These rips are good to go!
As you see without a doubt these Rips are fantastic, and the bets off all, they are domestic. Meaning you pay, they ship, and its at your door, faster than your male dog in heat can get your female!
Dont hesitate! Contact them today at - Tell them EliteBodyTuneup Sent you and you will be taken as priority!
If you think that a 25 with a random bluetop is better than a 25 with these riptropins you are sadly mistaken. 
The ammount of changes in your physique will br notice almost daily, from intense vascularity, muscle graininess, and sheer body fat reduction, using the best, only means being the best! Dont hesitate before Buy Riptropin Becomes Private  again!
Signing off OSL!

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