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What is EliteBodyTuneup’s Specialized Training Program?
EliteBodyTuneup is an organization dedicated to providing the most effective avenues of nutritional, supplemental, and physical resistance training. We will help Educate, Transform, and provide the necessary information you need to get an Elite Body. Our Services aren’t just for “body builders” it’s for YOU, each and every person has a different body composition, and goal, while many say they want to make a change, most never do. Elite Body Tuneup is here to help you fix that problem.

Why do I need nutritional consultation:
Simply put 80% of your success, with your set goals will come from your diet! The Remaining 20% is Training and Correct Supplementation.

Most believe, that training more often, or using higher doses of the supplements of their choice will result in an increase in gains. While they neglect the single most important aspect in achieving their goals, Diet! You can obtain more in 1 month with a perfect diet, than 3 months with a non-optimized diet.

Most believe if I eat more ill gain weight, if I eat less I will lose weight. While this may be true in a broad aspect, the weight gained may be fat, and the weight lost may be muscle. We design your diet with proper macro portioning in mind, to help you gain or lose exactly what you’re after.

What do we do for you:
When you become a client for any of EliteBodyTuneup’s services, you are given a questionnaire that allows for a deep look into the lifestyle that the client leads. We look at things like the activity level at work, the workout routine, the cardio routine, the time the person wakes up, sleeps, and works out. We ask about your favorite foods, or foods that you may be allergic to. This detailed questionnaire allows us to take a deeper look inside your life style, ensuring that the goal specific protocol designed for you fits your lifestyle, and daily needs.

Some individuals may need 6 meals a day, while others are only used to eating 2, and moving them to 6 so quickly will cause issue in their physique. We tailor make your protocol to fit your current ability and lifestyle, while micro changing the protocol as we progress further, ensuring gains are constant and rewarding.


The Packages:

There are a few different packages that clients can choose from. Packages are based on the level of optimization for the client, number of weeks of nutritional coaching, and expenditure. (All plans include supplement and workout assistance, where needed)

The Basic Plan:
This is the baseline for any package with the company. If you’re new to dieting and/or new to training, or within some sort of financial burdens this is the package for you.

We take a comprehensive look at your situation and build a diet customized to your needs. There are 1-2 meals plans involved in this basic package. This plan is good for either bulking or cutting (Please Specify). This includes 5 weeks of nutritional coaching.


Keto diets drop carb levels to virtually nothing and raise fat levels, forcing your body to use fat as an energy source. The popular “Atkins” diet is a keto diet. Keto is famed for its cutting properties, but can also be used for bulking for members who may be extremely carb sensitive or have diabetes. CKD (Cycling Keto Diet) is a variation of keto that allows for more carbs (but not much more) placed at specific times in the day. Both include 8 weeks of nutritional coaching and 2-3 meal plans.


Carb Cycling:
I believe this to be one of the best approaches to dieting for the average Joe. Whether you’re cutting or bulking (the former being more popular), carb cycling will get you where you want to go more optimally than any other choice in my opinion (with the exception of certain genetic problems like diabetes). Carb cycling manipulates the fats and carbs in your diets on a near daily basis, raising and lowering them to keep your body working towards your goals. This includes 2-3 meal plans and 8 weeks nutritional coaching.




AAS/Supplemental/Peptide/Resistance Training:

While every plan includes supplemental and workout assistance, some may want or need more, from specialized Peptide protocols, to Beginner – Advanced AAS cycle guides. EliteBodyTuneUp, prides itself in providing customized expert advice in achieving your anabolic goals. Prices may vary depending on current situation, and diet package chosen.

EliteBodyTuneup Specialized Plan:
This diet is for those of you planning on doing a contest or show, or have multiple long-term goals in mind (ie, Bulking, Cutting, Re-comp).  It involves running multiple philosophies of diets for 12-20 weeks and is the ultimate form of dieting!

For more information and pricing about this package, please contact us.

How to Sign Up!
Signing up is as simple as e-mailing us with the package you prefer by Filling out the contact form below.

Please be as detailed as possible in your initial email. If we have any further questions regarding your goals or package choice after our questionnaire has been completed, we will clarify it first with you before drawing up the invoice, and moving forward. Once a package is agreed upon, an invoice is sent out to your e-mail so that the purchase can be securely made through PayPal. Your information is never shared, and PayPal brings peace of mind to both you the client, and our business.



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